Matrand mattresses, like every other mattress from IKEA, come with a 25 year warranty that protects against defects in craftsmanship and materials. It focuses on combining function, quality, design and value and works to be as sustainable as possible. The first, Matrand Memory Foam, features a 3.1 PCF memory foam comfort layer and a 1.7 PCF polyfoam support core. Alternately, you could take a look at the slightly more expensive Myrbacka series from IKEA, which has a similar memory foam offering but with a natural wool / cotton cover to improve its heat dissipation. What Makes Brentwood Home a Great Alternative? However, there’s a few alternatives you should know about before you pull the trigger on this IKEA mattress. This variant utilizes a 2” thick layer of 3 lb./cu.ft. Using a Matrand mattress within the normal BMI range should see it last you for a good amount of time (though possibly not as long as pricier offerings). The price is affordable and Ikea provides a generous exchange or return policy. The Sleep Judge is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other similar affiliate advertising programs which are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to such affiliates’ websites such as The Matrand Latex mattress is a bit softer than the memory foam mattress, and it comes in at about a 7 on our 10-point scale. The Matrand Memory Foam mattress is made from three distinct layers. One of the things we like most about Plushbeds is that they make a wide variety of non-standard mattresses, like RV mattresses, Sofa bed mattresses, and so on. The overall thickness of both memory foam and latex variants is 7 1/8” – which is somewhat stingy even by normal weight standards. Thanks to the conforming nature of memory foam, normal weight individuals with back pain (or those seeking to prevent it) will find this mattress an economical solution. 2” thick synthetic latex forms the comfort layer of Matrand latex variant. -Latex model only available in Queen size. Alternately, you could get the mattress exchanged for another identical model, but this is a one-time deal. core materials, thickness, density) and the summary of user feedback, it should be clear to you that this isn’t a high end solution – nor does it claim to be. For reference, most US sleepers prefer something in the 6.5 to 7.5 range. This section looks at the firmness, feel and support of the Matrand mattresses. Here’s a video showing how to calculate BMI, if you don’t know. The feel of the latex Matrand is generally better and softer than what you get with the memory foam mattress. If you’re unhappy with how the mattress performs, and have not exposed it to physical abuse, you can get a full refund. The Matrand mattress is available in two designs. The comfort layer is cushioned by a 1.7 lb./cu.ft. It also has a removable cover, which is nice as it means you can wash the cover of the mattress by hand so your mattress can feel and small fresh. One thing that’s important to note about the Matrand’s construction is that IKEA doesn’t use the same kind of organic or all-natural materials that you find in a lot of comparatively priced mattresses. The support foam and memory foam are designed to have different support zones to help your body get the relief it needs from pressure points and other sleep distractions. The Matrand Memory Foam mattress has something of a stiff feel about it. It has the same 7 1/8” thickness and the same general structure, but there are some key differences. The first layer of the mattress is still a combination of foam and filling. The Sleep Judge State of Sleep Scholarship. Bear in mind that you’ll need a receipt of purchase, along with a valid photo ID, to avail both the warranty and the refund/exchange policy. Available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, the Matrand mattress offers “medium firm” or “firm” options. For those with a healthy BMI though – the medium-firm Dunlop process latex mattress will provide springy, responsive support for the muscles and joints, in contrast to the soft surface feel of memory foam. They take your survey and use the results to design a mattress from their huge range of layering patterns, materials, thicknesses, and so on. The base foam and memory foam themselves are actually much firmer than you would expect. -Uses relatively high end materials. This should reinforce my recommendation that it is only intended for regular use by individuals with a BMI below 25. -Synthetic latex may cause health problems. The first layer of the mattress is still a combination of foam and filling. That way you can test the mattress at no risk to you and then get a Matrand from IKEA if you’re convinced it’s what you want. The Matrand mattress is sold by Ikea and uses memory foam technology. The Best Mattress Reviews. you sleep on it and don’t feel the hard bed under it – but IKEA has set out to prove you can find better comfort and support than this without burning through your cash with their economical Matrand series, which is part of both their foam and latex lineups. Review; Specs; Comments; When you’re on a budget, the best you can hope for is to get a mattress that is barely passable – i.e. memory foam, which supports your body in an enveloping and personalized manner. Do you have a IKEA Matrand mattress? IKEA is known for its quality furniture and states that every mattress it sells is designed to offer comfort and support at a good price. This makes the mattress suitable for the mainstream who normally find it hard to save up and splurge on a true high end latex / memory foam solution, in particular, those who suffer from back pain on regular foam. The Matrand mattress by Ikea competes with other low-priced mattresses such as Zinus and Signature Sleep. As a mid-range Ikea mattress, the Matrand mattress may help alleviate back pain and sleep difficulties. FALL SALE - $1,100 off Organic Latex Mattresses. Lots of options means there’s something for everyone, Fully customized beds for ultimate comfort. When you’re on a budget, the best you can hope for is to get a mattress that is barely passable – i.e. This mindset is ingrained in the design department, its sourcing activities, and our packing and distribution tasks. The Myrbacka is also available in two designs. One thing that’s true about the memory foam Matrand that’s also true for the latex version is that the feel and support you get from the mattress aren’t the best options for heavier sleepers, side sleepers, or stomach sleepers. The best thing is that all of them are made with luxury materials that are sure to give you a great night’s sleep. Black Friday Sale! Moreover, bad alignment while you sleep can cause back and neck pain and aggravate other existing issues.

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