You're in for a treat. Owl Village is a cafe and bar in colourful Harajuku. In fact, there may be some Christmas time events that you may be interested in, such as large Christmas light displays. Add to this the fact that many apartment buildings don’t allow residents with pets, and you’ve got a situation of severe pet deprival. Handle them, take their picture, but keep in mind that these are sensitive animals that need to be allowed a gentle touch. With a little extra planning and understanding, you can enjoy your Christmas/New Year vacation to Tokyo . So, even if you’ve never been close to an owl, you can relax in knowing that they are used to people. , The owl cafe is really one of a kind. 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Yep, just as you said: they don’t take phone reservations but you can reserve a spot for later in the day by showing up at the cafe on that day. The cafe has low lighting, the perfect environment for relaxing with the owls, who were absolutely delightful and perfectly calm. Thanks for letting me know about the address mix-up! They only accept cash. We will be in Tokyo on the 2nd and 3rd of January next year. In addition, you can’t make reservations to the owl cafe in advance; you have to show up and hope that there are some spots open. we are going to Japan during Xmas and new year holidays.. is it worth it? Owl Cafe & Bar in the western district of Kichijoji is a good opportunity to sip a beer while marvelling at some owls. Tokyo Owl Cafe Horned Owl – perched on my shoulder! Unlike the previous two, this entry also functions as a real cafe, with a great coffee and food menu. During your hour you are permitted to pet and hold two owls of your choice, as long as they’re not resting. ); At the end of your session there is a final activity (usually rock-paper-scissors) to give out some souvenirs like chopsticks, tissues and cellphone charms (all owl themed, of course). Animal cafes, in general, pander to everyone’s desire to play with cute animals once in a while, without having to take on any responsibility. Thank you for reading! Fukuro no Mise Official Facebook [Japanese], (Check the website for details about unexpected closed days). Luckily I had some on me Thanks for your comment. Granted, owls aren’t your typical pet, but a certain Harry Potter goes a long way to explaining their popularity. if ( notice ) I’m afraid there’s not much info on the web about payment or contact info for the restaurant; it’s usually safer to take cash in Japan when in doubt. Your photos make me want to go visit the cafe again! Many families will use this opportunity to go see family in another prefecture or take a trip. so they dont allow FLASH photos but do they allow photos to be taken without flash? }. For a great rundown of Tokyo’s best cafe’s of a more conventional variety, take a look at our guide. Compathy Magazine has everything you need and more: Travelers love Tokyo! Like coffee? Sleepy small owl. Nothing in the world is cuter than baby owls. Located in Akihabara, an area perhaps more famous for its Maid Cafes, Akiba Fukurou is nevertheless one of the most popular owl cafes in Tokyo. function() { is there anything to do in Tokyo during holidays? I’ll try to answer your questions. Small snacks are freely available, but everyone has to order at least one drink. Generally, customers are given 30 minutes with the owls (though this can be extended), in which they can interact with the owls as they wish, and can even feed them for a small extra fee. Finally figured it out, it’s just the same as address of Tori no Iru cafe. We headed over to the cafe on a Thursday evening around 6:30pm and reserved a two-person entry for the 8:00pm slot, I believe. The experience was so surreal and time flew by so fast! Cafe Baron in cool Koenji is another unique Tokyo owl cafe. If the idea appeals, take a look at our list of the 10 best Tokyo Owl Cafes, make your choice, and ideally make a reservation, as most are highly popular. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi there! As of recently, no food is available at the cafe, but there is a decent drinks menu. .hide-if-no-js { With only a small amount of customers allowed into the cafe at one time, be sure to make a reservation in advance. There is a great selection of drinks and queues to get in are not common. five Once you’ve had your fun with the owls you can retire to the basement cafe for a good cup of tea or coffee. Thanks for the report! The decor and lighting is somewhat surreal here, which given its Akihabara location is understandable. I couldn’t believe my luck that I lived close enough to bike not only to Tori no Iru Cafe (a bird cafe), but also to this owl cafe! Thanks for the post–this is what originally convinced me to go here! If I go again, I’ll be sure to pass them the URL for your photos and give them your regards. Visits are usually between 30 minutes and an hour long, but each cafe is slightly different. Although the birds are given free roam, it is forbidden to touch them. (function( timeout ) { The concept soon gathered speed and has now become a truly global phenomenon. We then wandered around the Tsukishima monjayaki street to kill time before going in.

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