Discus Fish in a Planted Tank. 55 Gallon Planted Discus Tank George Carr (gcarr-at-interaccess.com) The tank has been set up almost two years now and is finally doing rather well, at least this week. Even though they can get quite large with maximum size often touching 8 inches, they are extremely docile. I can't spell all the Latin names from memory so I won't bother to try here. When considering how to set up a planted Discus tank, most breeders tend to compromise the temperature of the tank, keeping Discus fishes at a temperature that’s a bit low but a bit high for plants, however, this is not a good practice for the health of your Discus, instead, you should consider selecting pants that are fully compatible with your Discus environment requirements. This channel documents my aquarium hobby that includes freshwater plants with Discus and other South American freshwater fish. Similarly, they are harmless around plants as well. The plants include several apponogen species as well as swords, a few crypts and hydras. In fact, you can keep the diminutive Neon Tetras with Discus fish without putting the life of the Neon Tetras in danger.

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