You’re walking down the road and you see a box. If the storm is passing, the issue is current with a resolution in the near future. What is the distance between the cube and the ladder? Avoidance of problems runs high. The Oasis Test – Relational Psychology Quiz! So, if you have been living under a rock and did not know about the famous Myers Briggs personality test, you can check what is your personality type for free on this website. The cube represents your ego and how you see yourself in the world. She is a deep thinker and socially anxious introvert who writes about human behavior and personality, the nature of introversion, the concept of belonging, and social anxiety, hoping to help those who struggle with similar issues as she does. Robin Hood. You wouldn’t find a lush garden behind a large scary door, would you? Finally, the vibrant city is related to someone who generally lives full life socializing with lots of people. 1st door…#3 Not because I’m afraid, but because I like spooky adventures. Take paper and pencil, note the responses and learn more about your character, through this imaginary walk in the castle. What they are giving our suggestions for what you could be seen along with the significance behind their suggested ideas, but you don’t have to stick with what they suggested. In a forest. A Walk In The Woods – Relational Psychology Test. The problem was not that I was boring, it was that I lacked conversational skills and confidence. The seaside. Looking back at the psychology of the quiz, it makes sense why it works. It had a profound influence on how you would visualize a castle and tell the test administrator little about you. I enjoyed reading. 1. You are walking alone in the desert and you come across a cube. Conversations are hard! The Oasis Test – Relational Psychology Quiz! It would be a huge wooden door with metal details and must appear frightening. Answer what comes naturally to you and take time to really imagine yourself in the situation. It is the image that you have of your future! The material of the jug represents what your heart is made of. Now picture yourself in the position of being able to retire right now. It was my passion for so long, and now I am handicapped. You reach a beautiful waterfall. This quiz is nice but becomes inaccurate due to cultural differences. You go ahead and find a door at the rear of the castle. Finally, the vibrant city is related to someone who generally lives full life socializing with lots of people. The number of red roses represents how much you expect to give in a relationship. The window is the way you feel right now. Quite in contrast with the human imagination, which is not. The window is the way you feel right now. It is the overview of your whole life — A stormy sea shows a hectic and erratic life, while a snowy forest is associated with a person who lived isolated and detached from others. If you pick a Square table, it means you are “stubborn” and a Circle table means you are “flexible”(God knows why). It’s not hard! Now, you go down the stairs and you’re back in the area where you were when you first entered the castle. While that is a whole topic to be dealt separately, it does help to carry few proven weapons in your social arsenal. Next, you see a horse. The short and long roads now represent how long you stay in love. The ladder represents your friends. I don’t like the fact that they suggested answers for you between each question. You wake up in the morning, and go to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s room to check up on him/her. What is the distance between the storm and the cube? You enter the room: 6. The distance between the cube and the ladder shows how close you are to your friends. I pictured in my mind what was shown to me. I used to feel I was the most boring person in the room and looking back, oh I was so wrong. If the cube is large in comparison to the desert you think highly of yourself. Now … The view from the window is the overview of your whole life! How fast is the speed of the water in this waterfall? If the horse is tied up, then it shows the need to be controlling in a relationship. So I’m also going through depression, so that might be part of it. A small window means that you feel depressed and trapped in your life. If you went and got your loved one yourself, then you are pretty direct. 3. Number of swans refer to how many close friends you have. In a castle. Well, I chose big door because castles are defensive structures intended to let in and out armies. These are variations of what we call personality tests. If there is a problem, you confront it and deal with it. If you chose the short one, you fall in love quickly and easily. If the cube is transparent that means people can see right through you. Small window shows depression while green valley shows happy life. What does it look like?

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