Cousin of Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere (1471). In his private life Sixtus IV was blameless. The attack was planned by Pope Sixtus IV’s nephew Girolamo Riario and his friends Francesco de’ Pazzi and Francesco Salviati. Article: Princely Patronage on Display: The Case of Cardinal Pietro Riario and Pope Sixtus IV, 1471–1474 Royal Studies Journal (RSJ), 6, no. When Sixtus IV died, it was Caterina who ordered his troops to seize Castel Sant' Angelo to put pressure on the cardinals to elect a candidate who would work in accordance with the Riario interests. After 10 days of chaos in Rome, she had to be persuaded by Riario to withdraw in order for the conclave to begin. He became an orphan when he was 12 years old. In 1473, when Caterina was 10, her family made a political alliance and betrothed her to Girolamo Riario, a man 20 years her senior and nephew of Pope Sixtus IV… Great-grand-uncle of Cardinal Alessandro Riario … 9. Nephew of Pope Sixtus IV, on his mother's side. In 1478 took place the famous conspiracy of the Pazzi, planned by the pope's nephew — Cardinal Rafael Riario — to overthrow the Medici and bring Florence under the Riarii. Titian, ca. Portrait of Sixtus IV. Born in poverty in Savona, Riario was the son of Antonio Sansoni and Violante Riario, a niece of Francesco della Rovere, who became Pope Sixtus IV in 1471.. This incident, known as the Pazzi conspiracy, remains to be one of the biggest controversies of his career. Brother of Girolamo Riario, signore of Imola and Forlì. Wikipedia. Early career and Pazzi Conspiracy. Uffiizi Gallery. 1545-1546. Uncle of Cardinal Raffaelle Sansoni Riario (1477). Rumored to have appointed his lovers to the College of Cardinals, Sixtus IV also made Pietro Riario, his nephew or possibly his son, a Cardinal. While the Pope was aware of the plot; he did nothing to stop it. Sixtus IV’s Nephew Was Also His Lover

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