SWOT SOSTAC 4. S - State the problem T - Tools for the job A - Algorithm development I - Implementation of the algorithm R - Refinement, 19. These graphic organizers guide students through the CUBES strategy and help the teacher see studen, CUBES - Helping Solve Math Word ProblemsThis resource is a great strategy to display in your math classroom. is a quick and easy way for students to recall how to work their way through a story problem. (thus TOTBoxer and TOTBoxing) Use this as an anchor chart or in a  journal/binder for reference throughout the year. CAUSED "CUBES" is a acronym used to break down math word problems and multi-step real world word problems. Eliminate (Reverse, Rearrange). U: Underline the important facts in t, I love teaching my students the math strategy, CUBES. Mutually Exclusive:  Each idea is distinct and separate; overlap represents muddled thinking and  Social, Legal, Economic, Political, Technological. This organizer will help your students learn to break down a problem & understand it. Modify, Magnify, Minify Solve and check your answer D = Disadvantages "SOLVE" is a acronym used to break down math word problems and multi-step real world word problems. These are great to post above the board, or on a bulletin board! Identify, Define, Explore, Action, Lookback. * 3 POSTERS INCLUDED* interpretive. Circle the number The acronym C.U.B.E.S. -Read the problem Read the problem 20. 15. IDEAL Th, The CLOSE Reading-Math/Science Problem Solving Strategy (11 X 17poster) uses the same acronym as the CLOSE Reading Strategy for language arts and social studies, but aligns the process to the Standards for Mathematical Practice and Karin Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix for ma, The "GRASS Strategy" gives students a plan to utilize when faced with the ever-intimidating and dreaded word problems. S = Situation Creativity technique: S.O.D.A.S. A simple process for creativity: Define problem Evaluate the answer Teachers can mo, Do your students need help understanding word problems? I use the acronym C.U.B.E.S. -Circle key numbers Know anyone else who could use these mnemonics for solving word problems? Collectively Exhaustive: You've covered all the possibilities; you've thought of everything. CUBES is an acronym that helps students solve word problems by giving them specific problem solving steps to tackle any math word problem.These posters are great to display in your classroom as I reminder for students to use the strategy. Verify the plan with computation. This simple step by step approach will help your students solve multi-step addition and subtra, Super CUTE and effective teaching posters for your students to reference during problem solving! detailed. P.E.S.T. ~5 page anchor chart to post on classroom wall Can they do it, do they have a positive Attitude, is it Useful to them, are they Skilled in it, do they have similar Experience, is it Different. Minus Points Answer the problem. Fluency (many ideas) S - Solve and Check SCAMPER And here’s another from Education World that uses the acronym STAR. Get the pdf ebook for $12 only. Understanding 'big picture' forces of change. investigative. Some use 'Environmental' used instead of 'Economic' depending on the context. There are 200+ guides to succeeding in business, career and personal life in The Success Manual. Collaborators 'SLEPT analysis' is a business review … This set of posters is a great addition to your math bulletin board! I have included an intro as a way to remember this strategy, along with each step of the plan. Solve the problem Translate the words into an equation. Think Outside The Box/Thinking Outside The Box. Thank you for reading. Adapt Write a sentence that answers the question A pre-formatted poster for your classroom and/or a handout, SOLVE - Helping Solve Math Word ProblemsThis resource is a great strategy to display in your math classroom. A = Advantages Please login/register to bookmark chapters. Organise the important information PCD Process for solving problems: Identify the problem, Define it, Explore possible solutions and effects, Action the chosen solution, and Look back at the solution you brought about. MECE Message me instantly by clicking HERE!NOTE: If you want access to ALL digital resources and bundles (current and future), be sure to go purchase the Digital VIP Pass Bundle!Please note: The materials in this resource are the same ones included in the LK Tea, CUBES is a problem solving math strategy. SLEPT These posters are colorful, easy to read, and nice decor for your classroom. Social, Legal, Economic, Political, Technological. 2. FFOE Possibilities, Consequences, Decision. Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations: SOLUS - SOLUTIONIZING - SOLUTIONS - SOLV - SOLVD - SOLX - SOM - SOM(s) - SOM1 - … identify the problem, D = define and represent the problem, E = explore possible strategies, A = act on the strategies, L = look back and evaluate the effects of your actions. CUBES is an acronym used to help students with solving word problems: Circle the number Underline the question Box in action words Evaluate what steps to solve the problems Solve and check your answer Anchor Chart Packet Includes: ~5 page anchor chart to post on classroom wall ~2-one page posters

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