Stand-mounted mics allow you to move them into the best-fit location for your situation. The easiest way to mic a small choir (25 voices or fewer) is to use a single stereo mic or a pair of mics. Wireless mics can sometimes be laggy and cut out if the frequency being used gets interrupted. The durable construction of this wireless mic is why this microphone system is so famous. Shop Sweetwater inSync SweetCare Events Careers Used Gear Marketplace (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! This wireless lapel microphone system can operate at around 20 frequencies that allows for seamless interference-free operation. Their handheld wireless microphone products are known as best wireless microphone for singing live. The module accepts phantom power and sends DC to an FET near the condenser mic capsule. View all results for choir microphones at Sweetwater — the world's leading music technology and instrument retailer! The Fifine Wireless Microphone set is definitely a flexible and versatile choice when it comes to the wireless microphone. Also, the module equalizes the mic signal … It features an easy-to-read LCD information display for quick monitoring. The wireless microphone not only provides a perfect sound quality, but it has also got an integrated camcorder that lets you record videos from the church easily. type choir microphones altogether and use stand-mounted mics. Contact Us We're here to help. The advantage of these stereo mics is that they offer simplicity in setup and great mono compatibility. At the far end of the cable is a power module with an XLR connector or a terminal block. Choir mics are built in three parts: mic head, cable, and power module. The wireless microphone allows you to get rid of cable mess and you can move freely on the stage; without having you tripping over the cables. Let the Voice rule the stage. It also has receiver battery condition indicators for low … I’ve used coincident (two capsules aligned side by side) stereo mics similar to the RODE NT4 small-diaphragm condenser or the Telefunken AR70 large-diaphragm condenser. Stereo Mics. Additionally, stand-mounted mics will never be in the way of your video screens! Feel freedom . The mic head puts out an unbalanced, medium impedance signal which travels through the long cable. It is an ultra-high-frequency radio mic with over 20 channels to select from to find a clear radio signal for your transmission. This next lavalier is more in keeping with a traditional lavalier and is a wireless mic option which comes affordably priced with its own body-pack receiver. Contact your Sales Engineer. DPA Microphones is previewing a new addition to its microphone lineup, the 4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Microphone at InfoComm 2019 (Booth 6861). As we have learned so well here at Pro Audio Solutions, what really matters most in a microphone is what it sounds like. Wireless mics very obviously provide a lot of freedom and room for moving around whereas wired mics can force you to stay in one spot if the cord isn’t long enough, or even be a potential tripping hazard. Contact Us Need Help? The premium quality materials offer to deliver HD quality sound for a longer span of time.

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