Buyer beware. This site's sole purpose is to make the decision making process faster and more efficient. The Beautyrest Black L-Class with medium firmness is by FAR the best mattress I have ever owned!! Luxurious design for dreamy, high-end sleep. Beautyrest Black Cooling + Comfort (C-Class). 19 $139.99 $139.99 The mattress is nice and firm, pillow top just as I ordered. Pros: The best Beautyrest value for the high end Black brand name. If you like a soft pillow top, this mattress is not for you. Even though it says it has 2" of memory foam, I don't think I believe that; so I think the kids will probably get a good 2" - 2.5" mattress topper like the one I added to my Sleep Number mattress to make it more comfortable for my husband and me. I bought this mattress awhile ago and I absolutely love it! And the delivery men were great. The Beautyrest Black Class-C is equipped with handles on each side of the mattress, which made for simple manueverability onto my existing platform bed. With varying firmness options, there are firm, plush, and medium-firm options for sleepers with added focus on cooling on the top layers. They know that these mattress have problems and should have told us to pick out exactly what will be replaced at no charge. I've never bought a mattress online before. Someone on other side of matress might not notice your movements. This is a horrible investment, don't make this mistake. The two cooling online C-Class options should do a superior job keeping cool for most sleepers. I tried it out too and can concur. She is 16 and loves it. Medium support and so comfortable. The second option is the cooling + comfort upgrade, which is for those looking for a pillow top while remaining a balanced medium firmness. I don't know what another finds comfortable. It's A Five Star Rated Bed, That I Guarantee Will Give You A Five Star Night's Sleep!! Highly recommend this mattress to anyone that is looking at purchasing! It is soft enough for me and firm enough for my husband to sleep on it. The mattress is of great quality and is made perfectly. This mattress helped so much with my sore back, as I wasn’t tossing and turning, and it kept me cool all night!! With multiple cooling layers and micro-diamond technology that further diffuses heat, this mattress should sleep quite cool. I will be going back to Slumberland where it was purchased this week. Highly recommend! I knew I was long overdue for a new mattress but never realized just how overdue! They tell me now that I am returning the mattress. We had this mattress delivered on Nov. 11, 2020 and in less than 2 weeks there are already obvious, noticeable indentations from shoulders, hips, knees on both sides from both sleepers. I got this bed about a month ago and I am so in love with this mattress. Love the cooling technique. I've really enjoyed waking up feeling rested and refreshed!! The Beautyrest Hybrid sold online is the most budget friendly option available online from Beautyrest. This is the Worst worst worst bed ever!!!! I sleep like a baby every night! Prior to this mattress I had terrible night sweats, however, the cooling function has drastically reduced them and I wake up no longer sweating at night! It is firm enough for you to be comfortable and soft enough to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. If you are keen on buying a Beautyrest, the best decision is to buy online with higher price value for the materials. Flash forward, my wife and I have been sleeping in "ruts" for about 6 months and finally I sent in a warranty claim as per instructions. I'm disable. I gave this 4 stars because I couldn't give it 5 stars since I don't sleep on it. Elevated comfort combined with SEAQUAL™ sustainable fabric technologies for optimal sleep. I cannot say enough good things about this mattress, it’s amazing. But really maybe that’s too much attention to detail but hey I appreciate everything this beauty rest is offering! I know one thing I don’t want it replaced with the same mattress if I can get the warranty honored. There is a noticeable difference. One side in ,one out. I also love the way it feel. The BRS900-C™ comes with two foam layers and a layer of 900 Series pocketed coils. If you have a bad back don't buy a pillow top. Beautyrest Black Mattress Review. Why promote this company? I feel rested when I wake up now and on the weekends I can curl up and enjoy an extra hour of just relaxing. Thanks Beautyrest. Problems with delivery, didn't get it until over a month after ordering even though we're home 4 days out of the week. this product has simple and easy features, I have had this mattress for a few months and am still getting use to it but I do like it. I like my new mattress but am still getting use to it. It is the best sleep I have ever enjoyed. It was a Beautyrest Harmony Lux and oh my goodness it was the best sleep I have had in a long time. Types of Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses? With multiple firmness options, these mattresses are ideal for those that want many high end memory foam layers and a specialized, pillowy comfort level. Cons: Higher price point for medium-firmness versions. After two years the springs are shot and don't support our bodies. The only thing was the delay in getting the mattress whic paritally was my fault since I ordered the wrong one at first. I hate being hot and repeat the process off throwing the covers off me and wake up looking for them throughout the night. So far I can say one of the best mattress EVER!! I absolutely love crawling into bed now and feeling like my mattress is always the “cool side of the pillow” as they say. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship, Get an Instant Discount for Simmons Beautyrest. While in-store options get good reviews for initial comfort from many, there are some customers that report issues with durability over time and also higher pricepoints than expected. I'm adding my review so it can hopefully be helpful to others in knowing what to expect of it. I sleep like baby for hours which is something I could never do! Thank you, Beautyrest! We are so very pleased that we are now looking into buying one for our guest bedroom so that any guest we have will have a pleasant nights rest as well. I hate this miserable, awful bed!If Stephen King were to write about a pain inflicting bed, this bed would be it!!! Ours looks to be around an inch. Had this mattress for only 3 yrs and it’s totally broken down . It is amazing to get a full night sleep in comfort like never before. However, there are some that suffered from durability issues with some models. Process is horrible and 4 years into a 25 year mattress? The matress does not need a box spring. We spent $3,500 on this mattress and the warranty is set up to not cover this problem. You definitely get your bang for your buck with the mattress. The Beautyrest line is the most affordable available, with the main mattress being the BR800™ (note: some retailers may change the names of the models to set the price). One word - WOW! The plush pillow top is very soft and smooth. The company that delivered the mattress was great also. With plush pillow top options, their options include the Jaycrest, Spring Grove, and Haven Pines. I absolutely am in love with this mattress!! They invented the pocketed coil springs and were the first mattress brand to offer Queen and King sizes. ALL OF THE GOOD REVIEWS MUST BE FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVENT HAD THEM THAT LONG, OR FROM BEAUTYREST COMPANY FAKE REVIEWS. I have had beauty rest mattresses before and been happy with them, none as expensive as this one. I was looking for a firm mattress, and found it in this Simmons Beautyrest Silver Snowhaven Luxury Firm Mattress! NEVER BUY BEAUTYREST AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME. It gives the softness, not too soft because it also gives the support I want for my back. Pros: High value mattress for this thickness and brand name. Great buy. Slumber Search is supported by readers. Warranty Coverage. Pretty too! I'm a side sleeper and only way 165lbs. I will never do business with them again. Keep up the great work Simmons! I am going back to more stores to find a few more "replacement mattresses" that will fit into their category. It is incredibly comfortable, and great for my husband and I. View All Products Sleep Performance, the New Performance Sunken on the side I sleep on. Beautyrest Black is the height of luxury in the Beautyrest brand. While not as high value, you may be familiar with Simmons because of what you've seen in-store. Lesson learned. I highly recommend this mattress if you’re looking for a perfect in between support style with a plush Surface to sink into and wonderful support underneath. It was a great choice. My husband, a back sleeper, is already having terrible back pains after just a few hours. This is ideal for those that live in a very warm climate or are warm sleepers. I found that with a 13.75 inch height, standard sheets fit the Beautyrest Black Class-C Medium Mattess flawlessly. Beautyrest Black online C-Class mattress is very similar to the Beautyrest Black Original mattress, but it offers additional cooling benefits. Contacted Simmons for inspection and replacement. I researched mattresses and found what was excepted of a good mattress. I am a stomach sleeper and the plush doesn't really support the arch of your back. So far it seems to be doing real good. I really tried this out before leaving a review. Starting just under $2000, these mattresses aren't cheap, but they offer many layers of foam and coil layers, including microcoils in some mattresses.

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