I have to adjust every single cake recipe for elevation by reducing leaveners by about 40%. Yes, cherry chip is classic and one of my favorites too but it can be hard to find, if they even still make it. But my daughter and I followed the directions and created the tastiest and most beautifully pink cupcakes! Everyone really enjoyed it and it was a beautiful cake. I’d compare the ratios to your recipes that work and see what the differences are. I would just make 1 1/2 and divide evenly between the three pans. This homemade Vintage Cherry Chip Layer Cake made from scratch is bursting with sweet cherry flavor and tinted the perfect shade of pink from nothing other than the maraschino cherry juice from the jar! I added white chocolate chips and used butter flavor shortening in the icing and it was lovely! What size cake pans do I need? Also, As a rule of thumb,  it’s 1 tsp baking powder per cup of flour. I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I posted a delicious Blackberry Nectarine Crumble as my first post here on House of Nash Eats. I don’t see this as a bad thing but if you like fluffy cake and you need it to be gluten free, don’t use 1-to-1 or maybe find a way to alter the recipe a bit to get more rise. The higher you are, the less you need but you also have to increase flour, reduce sugar etc… there’s a science to it. I’m going to try your recipe today with the addition of cherry liquor. Fortunately all our guests that year were older cousins, grandparents, and other family members who were cool with that. If you only have unsalted butter, you could absolutely use that – I would just add 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I actually went to culinary school for it My mother is an excellent cook but prefers not to bake. I hope you enjoy this family recipe of mine. I made this today for my husbands birthday when I couldn’t find the cake mix I had. This cake is phenomenal! I was wondering if you could substitute oil for the butter in the cake ingredients? It is best in small slices, but definitely a treat! Yes, you can substitute an equal amount of oil for butter in this recipe. Do not over mix, some lumps are ok. Spray a 9×13 pan with non-stick spray. I have never tried adding walnuts to it and the only cake recipe I can think of with nuts in it that comes immediately to mind is carrot cake, but I think it would work. You might want to just do two thicker layers with 9″ pans, or three thinner layers. Thankfully I baked a test run and sad to say,  It was not good. This recipe is definitely a keeper. But if that’s the case then about how far up the cake pans should I pour the batter? This is such a lovely cake! The only thing is that I didn’t have salted butter so I simply added salt to the flour mixture. She used butter, powdered sugar, a touch of the cherry juice and warm milk. But if you want to have enough for cupcakes, I would say to fill the pans about 1/3 full. In a medium-sized bowl, add the cake mix, chopped cherries, melted butter, eggs, vanilla, water and a half cup cherry juice. Want to make this for Valentines day…thinking of adding chocolate chips (chocolate covered cherries) into the cake batter….has anyone tried it? The cake recipe calls for “salted” butter – is this correct for a sweet cake? I’m sorry this wasn’t to your tastes but thanks for the feedback. I would say that the flavor deepens a little bit as the cake cools, but much of that comes from the actual chopped cherries themselves. We baked them for 20 minutes. Cupcakes could be taken to work and shared. My husband’s coworker requested a cherry chip cake (never heard of it before this recipe) so I made this recipe and followed it exactly. Do not over mix, some lumps are ok. Spray a 9×13 pan with non-stick spray. My cake recipes always have to be adjusted for elevation or they sink in the middle. Cool cake completely then spread topping over cake and serve. I make cupcakes all the time and these got some of the best responses I’ve ever had! Now who’s ready to make this vintage cherry chip layer cake?! What could I do to fix this? I like to use butter instead of oil and some of the maraschino cherry juice instead of all water. I don’t think I would mess around with adjusting the ingredient measurements for the smaller sizes. I’m so glad you love this recipe! Two thicker layers will take a bit longer than stated, while three thinner layers will bake a few minutes faster. Thank you!!! I made both the 3 layer cake and 24 cupcakes (350 for 19 minutes) it all turned out perfect!!! No, please don’t use my images for graphics work. Thanks for the recipe. I add almond extract to my frosting as well. My coworker loves cherry chip but you can’t find the mix anymore but he loved this recipe. I have converted it to grams/oz but I find cups so confusing so I’m worried in case I haven’t converted it properly. We froze the extra (with icing on for which I replaced shortening by cream cheese – incredible!) I don’t do box cakes, as I enjoy making from scratch. Did not have much of a cherry flavor. The white chocolate chips are a fantastic idea! maraschino cherries (use juice for batter and frosting), 1/2 cup maraschino cherry juice (from jar above), 4 Tbsp. And if you’re on. Thank you! Hi, I arrived at this site while searching for a free image of the cake. In a medium-sized bowl add the butter, powdered sugar, and a tablespoon of cherry juice. I made this with cherry pie filling between the layers. I wonder what could have happened because I’ve made this lots of times and had others make it without any trouble! I am excited about all the great recipes I plan to bring you in the next year of House of Nash Eats and hope you continue to follow along! Hey. And what better way to celebrate than with a tall, beautiful, three-layer birthday cake? Very Cherry Prepare as directed using a 2-layer-size cherry-chip cake mix and cherry-flavored cola carbonated beverage. Her grandma and her mother were very much boxed cake eaters so im actually the first in my family to search out homemade cake and desserts! Would that be a large enough jar to get enough cherry juice and cherries for this recipe? You sort of have to know some of the basics like elevation too and this is virtually NEVER mentioned by bloggers or recipe writers because I honestly think they just don’t know or they don’t think about it. Hmm, that’s a great question! Repeat with the second layer of cake and another 1 1/2 cups of frosting. They have three different sized jars of cherries: 6 oz, 10 oz, and 16 oz. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, I am excited to try this recipe! Then you mix well between each addition, scraping down the sides of the bowl as you go. I’m so sorry but I was not a fan at all. Today is House of Nash Eats blogiversary!! Would be perfect for spring or summer parties!! I tried and failed… Could you list measures in gms I tried converting cups into grams as per the standards. I must admit I felt the recipe made a ton of frosting. White cake mix with maraschino cherries and buttercream frosting. The frosting again seemed weak on flavor and you could really taste the powdered sugar and shortening. Add the cake mix to a mixing bowl, pour in the soda, and mix for a couple of minutes until you have a smooth batter. Is it retro-modern? Kept everything else the same except added a little almond extract because it’s my fave. Do you have any vanilla or chocolate cake recipes? I have never beat the egg whites and then added them. Add 4 cups of the powdered sugar and beat well until smooth. Hi! Heat oven to 350 degrees. LOLOLOL. Afterwards I looked at the recipe more critically and I have to say there is way too much “fat” content.

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