When it comes to fruit flavored frozen desserts I actually prefer the taste to be tame because I am not a big fruit lover, so I'd probably enjoy these, too. 0 added sugar* | 0 artificial sweeteners | 0 fat *Not a low calorie food. For others, especially those who like dark coffee, one or two servings will be enough. It is one of the sweetest frozen desserts I have ever had, even sweeter than Gotta Have Java, so this one needs to be eaten slowly to savor every bite. I've tried dannons normal coffee yogurt and was not a fan but for the most part, coffee froyos have the same taste as what you'd get from a coffee ice cream. So, unlike the Café Late which tasted like ice cream and had no tangy flavor, the chocolate flavor lets you know that this is a Greek Frozen Yogurt right off the bat. With 28 grams of protein per pint, it justifies eating chocolate for any meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, I could never see myself buying these because although they contain more protein than ice cream, they are calorically the same as ice cream, and if I'm going to splurge, I'd rather indulge in something other than Greek Frozen Yogurt. Nick, I just tried the chocolate flavor and wanted to give you a quick review since no one has reviewed it yet. Like the Stonyfield version, it started with that strange and funky aftertaste, which I am guessing comes from the Greek Yogurt, but the more I ate through it, the more I adjusted to it. protein yogurt. It has the perfect balance of mint and chocolate. Contains Active Yogurt Cultures Including L Acidophilus. But that bitterness quickly fades into a delicious milky sweetness with hints of coffee in the background as you continue to dig your way through. Let’s just say I was right and these were some pretty delicious sundaes! Dannon ® Oikos ® Triple Zero has 0 added sugar*, 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0 fat—plus 15g of protein per 5.3oz. Are you referring to their regular yogurt? Item is not available at this retailer in, Open Nature Greek Frozen Yogurt, Strawbeery, Ben & Jerry's Greek Pineapple Passion Frozen Yogurt, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt, Strawberry Bars, 4 pack, Healthy Choice Strawberry 4 fl. Oikos Triple Zero Nonfat Yogurt Greek Yogurt. I discovered your Mint chocolate chip and I'm addicted. I once saw one of the non-frozen ones in the yogurt aisle, caramel macchiato or cafe latte, and suddenly every other flavor sounded twice as good :P. Josh, coffee froyo if way better than coffee yogurt. Up to this point, my favorite coffee frozen desserts have been Stonyfield's Gotta Have Java and Haagen Dazs' Cappuccino Gelato but this may have dethroned both of them, as I pronounce Dannon Oikos Café Late as one of the best coffee frozen desserts I have ever tried. My friend loves Oikos Key Lime yogurt. I think the colors are pretty normal because there are no additives. So, one pint was enough to satisfy me, whereas I can easily consume two pints of Stonyfield or Haagen Dazs' Cappuccino Gelato if I did not restrain myself. In my opinion, coffee frozen desserts fall into two flavors: 1)Mild in coffee flavor, with more milk/cream, and sweet. Like the Stonyfield version, it started with that strange and funky aftertaste, which I am guessing comes from the Greek Yogurt… Our Greek frozen yogurt is rich, creamy-thick, and a good source of protein. Like, eats it every day kinda love. Try it today! oz. or you found some really old stock of it? Cups Greek Frozen Yogurt, Dannon Oikos Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Greek Frozen Yogurt, Open Nature Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt, Kemps Vanilla Salted Caramel Frozen Yogurt, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Loco Coco Caramel, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Chocolate PB & Yay, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Best of Both Worlds, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Caramel Pretzel-Mania, Personal shoppers pick all the highest quality items for you. or you miss it? cup. As it melts, the sweeter it tastes and that's how I preferred consuming it - mostly melted - as it tastes like a very sweet chocolate shake that way.

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