Every pastor I know wants to be faithful in his preaching and therefore invests time and energy into properly studying the Scriptures and preparing for Sunday morning. Fortunately there’s a number of tools freely available on the internet to help streamline the process. How to Reach Your Website Visitors through Remarketing. So I offer this template as a guide. (There are other sites that do similar things, like YouVersion, but BibleGateway has become my default.). He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with his wife and three teenage daughters. .) Essentially, you can enter a word, either using their transliteration scheme or by copying and pasting a Unicode version of the Greek word (such as one copied from Great Treasures . What are your favorite tools for sermon writing? Once we know the texts, we’ll start with the obvious. For Old Testament study in Hebrew, this site contains the entirety of the Hebrew Bible with English translation. Bill Johnson serves as the Director of Educational Technology at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. You can also sign up for our free monthly staff development email. But for beginning preachers, a step-by-step approach is helpful. I love preaching but have often felt like my sermon preparation was, The New Sermon Writing System for Church Leaders. That’s it for my list, but I know that’s not everything the internet has to offer. They’re not the only ones, and I won’t even claim that they’re the best, but they’ve served me well and continue to do so. It’s also worth noting that Great Treasures does everything in Unicode, meaning that the Greek text will easily copy and paste into your word document or other websites. 54% of pastors say they need help in this area the most. All rights reserved. Website Great Treasures requires you to register for a free account, but signing up is totally worth it for what you get. We also have tools to help with Staff Development. Obviously this isn’t always going to line up with Lutheran teaching, so be sure to read his work with a critical eye. This is the question in sermon preparation. Online Tools. © 2020 Concordia Technology Solutions. Rev. Additionally, you can use it to display commentary by Rashi, a medieval French Rabbi, which can bring some historic insight to the text. The initial view after you log in might not look like much, but if you expand the intermediate and advanced sections, you’ll find a wealth of tools for Greek language study of the text. To preach the Word I … Their Hebrew support is lacking, but the LXX is available for Old Testament passage study. and receive entries from multiple Lexicons, including LSJ, Middle Liddell, and others. There’s a lot here to enjoy. Every pastor I know wants to be faithful in his preaching and therefore invests time and energy into properly studying the Scriptures and preparing for Sunday morning. There’s not a lot of shortcuts out there, though, and many of the helpful technology tools cost a great deal. For more experienced preachers, the sermon-writing process often becomes intuitive and non-linear. BibleGateway is pretty much the default site for doing version comparisons and getting an initial read of the text. Please pray for him. Just in case you don’t keep yours close at hand when writing, there’s a Book of Concord online for easy reference. Use these tools to support more pastoral writing, such as a blog of your own! For those who follow the historic lectionary (1 year or 3 year), yaag.org (short for Year at a Glance) is a great way to determine the texts for a given Sunday. Writing sermons is only one part of a pastor’s work, but it’s one that can take a great deal of time in study and preparation.

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